Mission Statement

As of 2016, AudioFile Music Ltd has three seperate departments to cover Record Label services, Music Publisher / Sync services and Promotional / Plugging services.

These services are not only available to our artists but to other bands and labels too.

A Brief History

AudioFile was formed in February 2009 and our mission is to seek out the best unsigned singer / songwriters around. Far from looking for commercial hits, our objective was to seek out musicians who are skilled in their art, who will appeal to a wide ranging fan base and who will have longevity within their chosen career.

2009 – launched debut releases of acclaimed Porthcawl native Nick Ward, Outside Looking In and Rag & Bone E.P.
2012 – released Atheen’s debut album Waited
2013 – the publishing arm was launched and a number of writers contributed to the AudioFile catalogue
2013 – registered as AudioFile Music Ltd
2015 – we became members of AIM and BPI
2016 – started offering label services
2016 – launched our urban imprint, First Stryke Records
2016 – signed Leicester artist Jersey Budd

So who is behind AudioFile Records?

It’s a female, ermagherdsaywhatnow!? Actually it’s not such an unusual state of affairs in the biz today, there’s a lot of female producers, musicians, label owners, publishers, etc. not to mention our wonderful head of AIM (who’s now the head of WIN). Back in the day it was more unusual and we had to fight our corner a little more. I started out as a keyboard demonstrator in a local music shop where I was regularly asked mid-demonstration ‘When is the guy coming to talk to me’ and I would have to reply ‘Err, I’m the guy’. Being at the shop allowed me to buy my first proper keyboard, a KX88 (which I needed because Mike Lindup and Stevie Wonder had one). It remains one of my favourite purchases and I still can’t part with it to this day!

After a few failed attempts at a solo career (including one label signing where I asked what our plan was and was called a Diva for asking!) I lost faith in the industry. I had signed away access to all of my songs for a five year period, found myself in a day job that I hated and was quite a way past the industry female sell-by date of age 25. So I thought bugger this, I’m setting up my own label, primarily for my own releases but also to assist those who have also been sidelined by the industry due to fashion, age or whatever other reason.

I started off launching a distribution and promotions company called TuneShock and had a number of imprints for different genres. However I soon realised that this business model wasn’t working for me, it was a very heavy workload for very little return and I was beng sent a lot of low quality music that I had to refuse. It became draining and the recession wasn’t helping as there was no funding available to take on any help, so I made the decision to close down most of the labels and just focus my efforts on AudioFile.

I have to say that this is one of the best decisions I ever made, as was joining AIM and BPI, where I was able to fill in my missing knowledge gaps of the industry. Now I get to attend meetings and social events with likeminded people who are keeping the music industry fresh and alive by investing their time and efforts into developing and giving opportunity to fantastic artists and bands. AudioFile has two amazing artists (more coming soon) on board that I’m so proud to be working with.

I’m enjoying this crazy journey so much that I went limited, set up publishing and promotions arms and have recently reinstated one of my imprints, First Stryke Records. I do still write and record my own stuff too, when I get the time… 😉

Atheen x